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Diabetes Drug Infection Lawsuit News

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Diabetic Patients Are At Risk For Developing Fournier's Gangrene Mistaken as The Ordinary Flesh-Eating Disease | 9/2/2019

Little is known about Fournier's Gangrene and the disease is confused with necrotizing fasciitis, a common variety of flesh-eating disease...READ MORE

SGLT2 Inhibitor Drugs Can Now Include Reducing Heart Disease on Their Labels In Europe | 8/29/2019

Diabetic patients should continue to be monitored for life-threatening side effects of SGLT2 drugs including Fournier's Gangrene...READ MORE

Fournier's Gangrene Can Develop In Elderly Nursing Home Patients | 8/23/2019

Nursing home staff are urged to monitor their diabetic clients for signs of Fournier's Gangrene and to help them seek immediate medical attention...READ MORE

Elderly Diabetic Patients Are At Risk For Fournier's Gangrene | 8/7/2019

The penis-rotting disease is feared in many cases around the world that are misdiagnosed as simple necrotizing fasciitis...READ MORE

Florida Nursing Home Death May Have Been From Fournier's Gangrene | 8/1/2019

A Florida nursing home patient died recently from necrotizing fasciitis that required genital amputation leading to death...READ MORE

There is an Outbreak of The Flesh-Eating Disease Along America's Eastern Beaches | 7/23/2019

Spending a day at an Atlantic Ocean beach this year could cost you more than just a few tolls and a little gasoline...READ MORE

Fournier's Gangrene Should Not Be Confused With Everyday Necrotising Fasciitis | 7/11/2019

Fournier's Gangrene has not engendered much attention recently because the disease occurs infrequently and also because it affects mostly elderly diabetic patients...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Needs To Do More To Alert Diabetics of The Flesh Eating Disease Caused By Invokana | 6/28/2019

Caregivers of diabetic patients taking SGLT -2 type inhibitor drugs should be watchful for signs of the flesh-eating disease...READ MORE

Diabetic Patients Living in Warmers Climates Are More at Risk to Contract Fournier's Gangrene | 6/13/2019

More and more cases of flesh-eating diseases are reported around the US particularly in the warmer southern states...READ MORE

The Warm Water Gulf of Mexico May Be a Breeding Ground For The Flesh Eating Disease Bacteria | 6/7/2019

Every month several more cases of necrotizing fasciitis, the flesh-eating disease, come to light in the media...READ MORE

Diabetic Patients in Nursing Homes Are Ground Zero For Fournier's Gangrene | 5/30/2019

The majority of nursing home medical staff have never even heard of Fournier's gangrene let alone keep watch on their patients for the disease...READ MORE

Several New Cases Of Flesh Eating Disease Have Been Recently Reported | 5/23/2019

Necrotizing Fasciitis is a scary disease that can strike anyone, anywhere...READ MORE

Cases Of Fournier's Gangrene Increases From 12 to 55 In The Latest Peer Reviewed Medical Study | 5/13/2019

The FDA has always suspected that the original 12 cases of Fournier's gangrene were just the tip of the iceberg and that there were most likely many, many more...READ MORE

People Are Developing The Flesh-Eating Disease In Various Ways | 4/30/2019

Diabetic patients continue to be at the greatest risk for developing the flesh-eating disease but additional ways of contracting the disease should not be ignored...READ MORE

Most Doctors Remain Unaware of Fournier's Gangrene and May Misdiagnose Patients | 4/19/2019

Fournier's gangrene is a rare yet nearly always fatal variation of necrotizing fasciitis, caused by taking a certain class of diabetes medication and affecting the patient's genitals...READ MORE

World Governments Are Expressing Concern That Certain Diabetes Drugs Can Cause Fournier's Gangrene | 4/15/2019

Governments around the world are requiring companies that make SGLT2 blocker diabetic drugs to add Fournier's Gangrene to the list of serious amputation risks they cause...READ MORE

Diabetic Drugs Can Have Serious Side Effects | 4/2/2019

Diabetic drugs can cause Fournier's gangrene, septic shock, kidney failure and a list of other life-threatening side effects...READ MORE

Necrotising Fasciitis Effects Everyone From All Walks of Life | 3/29/2019

Contracting the flesh-eating disease can happen to anyone at any time however individuals with the Strep-A bacteria can be at greater risk...READ MORE

Cases of Fourniers Gangrene Are Steadily Increasing Around The World | 3/25/2019

Another person taking a particular type of diabetes drug has contracted a rare flesh-eating disease affecting the genital region...READ MORE

Global Warming and Climate Change May Be Contributing to Increases In Flesh Eating Diseases | 3/11/2019

Scientists are sounding the alarm that global warming may have more serious consequences than merely losing a bit of beachfront property...READ MORE

Early Warning Signs That You May Have Fournier's Gangrene or Other Flesh-Eating Disease | 3/6/2019

If you are taking certain popular anti-diabetes drugs you are, according to the FDA at an elevated risk of developing Fournier's Gangrene, a flesh-eating disease affecting the genital area...READ MORE

Scientists Are Encouraged By Data From Flesh-Eating Disease Studies | 2/25/2019

Progress is being made by scientists looking into the possible triggers of flesh-eating diseases like Fournier's Gangrene...READ MORE

The Brief History of Fournier's Gangrene | 2/20/2019

Fournier's Gangrene is a very rare disease that has shocked physicians and patients for centuries...READ MORE

FDA and CDC Warn About Flesh-Eating Diseases | 2/18/2019

US Government Agencies are concerned that certain types of diabetes drugs can cause Fournier's gangrene...READ MORE

Diabetic Drug Warnings Admit to Causing Narcotizing Fasciitis Not Fournier's Gangrene Specifically | 2/11/2019

Fournier's Gangrene is a genital flesh-eating form of necrotizing fasciitis...READ MORE

Fournier's Gangrene Statistics May Be Greater Than Reported | 2/5/2019

Countries around the world are starting to report their experiences with patients that have the deadly genital flesh-eating disease...READ MORE

Diabetic Patients and Others Are At Risk For Fournier's Gangrene | 1/29/2019

Knowing to check for Fournier's Gangrene symptoms can increase the disease's survival rate...READ MORE

Fournier's Gangrene Frequently Asked Questions | 1/23/2019

Diabetic patients are at risk of developing Fournier's Gangrene and want answers to their most basic questions...READ MORE

Diabetes Drugs Must Include Fournier's Gangrene Warning | 1/18/2019

Several anti-diabetes drugs identified by the FDA must now warn patients about the possibility of developing the genital flesh-eating disease....READ MORE

A Nursing Home's Elderly Diabetic Population Most at Risk For Fournier's Gangrene | 1/10/2019

Nursing home attendants and staff need to be vigilant in watching for the signs of gangrene affecting their patients that take diabetic medications...READ MORE

Diabetic Patients Should Be Vigilant In Watching For The Symptoms Of Fournier's Gangrene, A Flesh-Eating Disease That Can Affect The Genital Region | 1/4/2019

Elderly diabetics in nursing home care should be checked immediately for the signs that Fournier's Gangrene may have set in...READ MORE

An Indian Man Has Died of Fournier's Gangrene in a UK Hospital | 12/31/2018

A botched catheter insertion procedure has caused a cancer patient's penis to necrotize and fall off after being released from a UK hospital...READ MORE

Pictures of Fournier's Gangrene Are Grotesque and Indescribable | 12/22/2018

Please do not make the mistake of Googling images of "Fournier's Gangrene" because the pictures will cause nightmares...READ MORE

A Florida Nursing Home Patient Death Could be the 13th Case of Fournier's Gangrene | 12/20/2018

Gangrene of the genitals is too unusual and shocking a condition to not suspect certain anti-diabetes drugs as being the cause...READ MORE

Florida Man Dies From Genital Gangrene Quite Possibly Fournier's Gangrene | 12/15/2018

The loved ones surviving a Florida man who died from genital gangrene are unaware that his diabetes medication was likely the cause...READ MORE

The FDA's Fournier's Gangrene Warning is Shocking Diabetes Patients | 12/12/2018

As is the case with many highly toxic drugs, the side effects are often more deadly than the disease itself...READ MORE

Drug Websites Carry The Clearest Fournier's Gangrene Amputation Warnings | 12/1/2018

Diabetes patients should visit the website of the manufacturers of the drugs they have been subscribed...READ MORE

Recent FDA Warning Alerts Diabetes Patients To Watch For Signs of Genital Flesh-Eating Disease | 11/21/2018

Once again drugs that treat a deadly disease may have been rushed to market by pharmaceutical companies fighting to compete and now thousands of diabetes patients may be at risk to develop the painful genital mutilating condition...READ MORE

Diabetes Drugs May Cause Flesh-Eating Disease Affecting The Genitals | 11/1/2018

Twelve diabetes patients have developed Fournier's gangrene, a form of necrotizing fasciitis, from a taking certain anti-diabetes drug...READ MORE

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