Drug Websites Carry The Clearest Fournier's Gangrene Amputation Warnings

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Diabetes patients should visit the website of the manufacturers of the drugs they have been subscribed

Saturday, December 1, 2018 - The Invokana.com website stresses the features of the drug "above the fold." Being above the fold has a special meaning in the internet world, just like the first 10 Google search results get 90% of the clicks. Invokana.com first tells consumers that "the only type 2 diabetes pill approved to help lower your A1C," and then goes on in large, red type, to say that the drug reduces the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. Visitors are then urged to click off of the home page to learn more about the ways the drug can help them.

Buried beneath the fold in very small print is the drug's warning couched in the verbiage, "Important Safety Information," the most positive slant. The drugs serious side effects include "Amputations. INVOKANA and INVOKAMET/INVOKAMET XR may increase your risk of lower-limb amputations. Amputations mainly involve removal of the toe or part of the foot; however, amputations involving the leg, below and above the knee, have also occurred. Some people had more than one amputation, some on both sides of the body." Patients are warned to watch for the signs that they may be developing Fournier's gangrene. Necrotizing fasciitis attorneys representing patients with also known as Fournier's gangrene for genital infection claims linked to diabetes drugs.

"Call your doctor right away if you have new pain or tenderness, any sores, ulcers, or infections in your leg or foot. Your doctor may decide to stop your INVOKANA or INVOKAMET/INVOKAMET XR for a while if you have any of these signs or symptoms. Talk to your doctor about proper foot care."

It is interesting to watch how drug company marketing executives and doctors, in general, promote the features and benefits of the drugs they sell while avoiding mention of and/or downplaying the risks. Those involved in drug marketing are hesitant to bring up the potential adverse side effects of a drug if they didn't have to. Lying through omission is the modus operandi of drug sales representative and doctors whose compensation increases with the larger volume of drugs they sell. Patients taking a drug, however, have the right to all of the facts pertaining to a drug so that they can make an informed decision. Patients effectively give up this right when they unquestioningly trust their doctors to make their drug treatment decisions for them. All the FDA can do is to require that a drug and website home page contain a warning label that describes the potential adverse side effects of a drug.

In addition, a patient will rarely get the full story about the drugs catastrophic side effects from the doctor prescribing the drug. Doctors today are usually on the payrolls of drug and medical device manufacturers that pay the doctor legal yet unethical speaking and education fees, among other questionable accounting designations. Drug company sales reps keep score as to which doctors sell the most of their drugs and reward them with more speaking and educational fees. Doctors on the drug company's payroll generally avoid discussing the catastrophic side effects the drug may cause.

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