Patient Contracts Flesh-Eating Disease While Giving Birth in a New York Hospital

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Hospitals are a necessary evil and people generally understand that being in one is risky

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - When it comes to getting sick or delivering children, hospitals are a necessary evil, but no one expects to contract a flesh-eating disease that could be prevented by the doctor and staff following sterile procedures. A disturbing new report in the New York Post details the horror story of a woman who contracted necrotizing fasciitis, the dreaded flesh-eating disease while giving birth in a New York hospital. According to The Post, the woman gave birth at Mount Sinai West hospital in Manhattan requiring an emergency C-section and was released. The patient developed "excruciating pain" and fever and two days later was diagnosed with the flesh-eating bacteria at the site of the operation. After being sent home the patient returned to the hospital and doctors then made the diagnosis that she had necrotizing fasciitis and that her life was at risk. The patient told The Post, "My lower stomach was red and hot. It felt like I was on fire, almost," (the patient) who now lives in Rockland County, shared in a harrowing account with Jam Press. "My mom was helping me with the baby at the time. [She] had a C-section before, and she knew it wasn't normal."

The Center for Disease Control estimates that one out of three patients dies from necrotizing fasciitis (NF). NF requires surgical debridement of the dead tissue around the site of infection, as well as antibiotics both packed into the open wound and also administered intravenously. The new mother remained in the hospital for another two weeks after returning, unable to breastfeed or bond with her new-born child. Although as of the time of this writing the patient's life is starting to return to normal her C-section has still not healed properly and she is not out of the woods. Necrotizing Fasciitis lawsuits handled by top national attorneys that offer a free consultation and no obligation to filing a claim can help.

Those with weakened immune systems, especially with diabetes and taking sodium-glucose blocker drugs, a.k.a Invokana, should never go into the ocean, use public pools, or public showers. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has identified 55 individuals with diabetes that were taking SGLT-2 drugs that have contracted a rare form of the flesh-eating disease called Fournier's Gangrene that eats away at the genital region. Approximately half of those patients died and the other needed to have their genitals amputated or surgically mutilated to stop the spread of the flesh-eating disease.

There have been many reports over the summer of beachgoers from Maine to Miami, Florida having contracted the flesh-eating disease from the bacteria that naturally occurs in the heavily-polluted oceans on the east coast. Some experts blame global warming for creating warmer ocean temperatures that can be a breeding ground for the strep bacteria that leads to NF. Others think that the overuse of antibiotics for medicine and also in the water we drink and the food we eat has led to the destruction of our gut bacteria and weakened our immune systems in general. If the later is the case, there is no limit to the number of places where we could contract the flesh-eating disease.

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