Fornier's Gangrene is Easily Overlooked And Could be Called Complications From the Coronavirus

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Deaths from the genital flesh-eating disease may be misdiagnosed as the virus that is causing the pandemic.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 - Doctors are aware that their patients that have weakened immune system may be more at risk for the Coronavirus, and those patients taking sodium-glucose transporter drugs such as Invokana may also be susceptible to Fournier's Gangrene, a flesh-eating disease affecting the genital region requiring amputation and dismemberment. Physicians should be on the lookout for increases in the number of Fournier's Gangrene cases, especially in nursing homes where patients are sometimes poorly cared for. According to The Center for Disease Control (CDC), studies have linked Fournier's Gangrene with those elderly individuals that are taking SGLT2 blocker drugs to route excess blood sugar out of the body through the urine rather than the patient having to inject themselves with insulin daily.

Fournier's Gangrene is a rapidly spreading disease like necrotizing fasciitis and diabetic patients experiencing pain, redness, and swelling of the genital region should seek immediate medical attention. In 2018 the FDA became aware of the link between diabetic drugs and Fournier's Gangrene and national publications immediately reported on the horror stories that had occurred. USA Today wrote: "The FDA identified 55 cases of Fournier gangrene from patients taking SGLT2 inhibitors between March 2013 and January 2019. All of the patients - 39 men and 16 women, ages 33 to 87 - became "severely ill," the study found. All had surgery to remove the gangrened tissue. Three died."

Most cases of Fournier's Gangrene are terminally upon the patient before he or she, usually he, knows what hit them. advises diabetic readers to constantly be on the lookout for the earliest possible symptoms that they may have the genital flesh-eating disease. "People with Fournier's gangrene can have various symptoms, including fever. Pain and swelling in the genitals or anal area. Unpleasant odor coming from the affected skin tissue." Open Access Text describes the early stages of the disease as "The most common presenting symptoms include perineal swelling, pain, hyperemia, pruritus, gangrene, crepitus, and fever." explains that: "Fournier gangrene in males begins with local tenderness, itching, edema, and erythema of the scrotal skin. This progresses to necrosis of the scrotal fascia. The scrotum enlarges to several times its normal diameter."

It is important that nursing home attendants monitor their patients for these early warning symptoms or else they may fail to recognize this heinous medical condition until it was too late as was recently the case of a Florida nursing home patient. 85-year-old, diabetic, retired military veteran York Spratling a resident of Consulate Health Care in Jacksonville died soon after being treated to a local hospital emergency room for symptoms that mirror necrotizing fasciitis of the genitals or Fournier's Gangrene. The nursing home is being accused of failing to attend to Mr. Spratling's condition and failed to treat Mr. Spratling until the stench of rotting flesh became unbearable and other nursing home patients complained about the stench coming from his unattended room.

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