Necrotising Fasciitis Effects Everyone From All Walks of Life

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Contracting the flesh-eating disease can happen to anyone at any time however individuals with the Strep-A bacteria can be at greater risk

Friday, March 29, 2019 - Fournier's gangrene is a rare form of necrotizing fasciitis or "flesh-eating" disease and is usually limited to diabetic patients taking SGLT2 blockers to re-route sugar through a person's kidneys and urine. There have been around 15 cases of Fournier's gangrene reported to the FDA in the past few years and diabetes doctors have been alerted by the FDA to be vigilant in monitoring their patients for early warning signs of the disease. Although Fournier's gangrene is rare, necrotizing fasciitis occurs more frequently. Not only is the condition frightening and potentially life-threatening, but it also strikes without warning and can affect healthy individuals. Such was the case recently of a woman from Texas who contracted the flesh-eating disease from a routine bump on the chest.

Fort Worth mother and homemaker Casey Sommerfeldt tripped and fell in her attic while putting away Christmas decoration injuring what she thought was a chest muscle. The next day she noticed that her left arm began to redden and swell. Hours later the inside of her arm from the armpit to elbow had blackened and the pain became unbearable. Frightened, she rushed to the nearest hospital where she was given an MRI which revealed little, however, further testing showed that she had entered septic shock in response to the necrotizing fasciitis infection that she mysteriously contracted. Necrotising Fasciitis lawyers offering free consultations to families and individuals in the US that suffer from diabetes drug infections

Doctors are at a loss as to what causes necrotizing fasciitis but believe that the Streptococcus A bacteria is to blame. According to Casey's hometown news,, "believe the "strep A" bacteria that had been causing recent sinus infections for Sommerfeldt infected a muscle tear that she received in her initial fall." Ms. Sommerfeldt also suffers from an autoimmune disease Lupus which may have made her more susceptible to allowing her infection to spread uncontrollably. Doctors feared for her life if they were unable to control the dying arm tissue and told her that they wanted to amputate her arm. Luckily, tissue debridement and full-spectrum antibiotic treatments were able to stem the tide of the flesh-eating bacteria and a skin graft helped to close the nearly foot-long wound that resulted.

In another case of the flesh-eating disease, musician OG Maco recently alerted his Instagram followers that he contracted the disease from being "improperly treated for a minor rash." The disease has spread to the left side of his face and caused, facial swelling, painful blisters and open lesions to develop. In still another case of necrotizing fasciitis, a 21- year old Fort Benning KY Marine recruit recently was forced to have his leg amputated from contracting the flesh-eating bacteria during basic training. According to "Dez Del Barba of Stockton, Calif., has undergone 14 surgeries in three hospitals. Del Barba's left leg was amputated and large amounts of tissue and muscle have been surgically removed from his body in attempts to stop the rapid spread of the disease and to keep him alive."

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