Elderly Diabetic Patients Are At Risk For Fournier's Gangrene

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The penis-rotting disease is feared in many cases around the world that are misdiagnosed as simple necrotizing fasciitis

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 - Anti-diabetes drug Invokana, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, and other SGLT2 blocker drugs, is being blamed for causing Fournier's Gangrene, a form of necrotizing fasciitis that attacks the genital region of the body in between the anus and the testicles in men and the anus and vulva in women. The condition is occurring in increasing frequency as are all forms of necrotizing fasciitis and effects elderly diabetic patient like those living under the care of Florida nursing homes. Many more cases than the 55 reported may have occurred because so few individuals and even experienced health care providers are unaware of the disease's existence. Most people that have heard of Fournier's Gangrene and Googled pictures of the disease wish they hadn't. Diabetes drug infection lawyers are helping families nationwide harmed by flesh eating genital infections and offer a free consultation and no obligation to file a claim.

The news has been filled with incidences of necrotizing fasciitis recently mostly focused on beaches on the east coast of the United States that have wormed due to the summer weather. Experts think that warmer waters caused by climate change are a perfect breeding ground for the disease and the warmer the climate gets the more cases of necrotizing fasciitis we will see. All the flesh-eating disease needs is a pinhole break in the skin to microscopically crawl inside and rapidly breed, eating the flesh as it multiplies. The more flesh they eat, the more the bacteria multiply, the more flesh they eat, etc., etc., and so on. The bacteria that cause necrotizing fasciitis is the same as the one that causes the very common Strep Throat, the Streptacausus A Bacteria. The major differences between Fournier's Gangrene and common necrotizing fasciitis are the area of the body affected and the suspected causes of the disease.

Fournier's gangrene has been linked to elderly diabetic patients like those in the care of Florida Nursing Homes, taking a form of medicine for their diabetes called SGLT2 blocker drugs. These drugs reroute sugar to the kidneys instead of the bloodstream so that it can be passed in the urine. Like simple NF, Fournier's Gangrene is treated with full-spectrum antibiotics packed into the surgically debrided wound as well as by antibiotic drip. Both types of patients require hospitalization of one to three months depending on the spread of the disease. The longer one waits to get treatment for Fournier's, the less is one's odds of surviving. Around three out of four known Fournier's patients die from the disease and many more go unrecorded. The internet is full of reports of a patient having their penis "rot and fall off" (auto-amputation) from necrotizing fasciitis where the actual cause was Fournier's Gangrene.

Far too many Fournier's Gangrene patients are in denial that they have the genital flesh-eating disease and wait too long to go to the doctors. Early signs of the disease are testicular pain, swelling, redness, and eventually the unmistakable smell of rotting tissue within a few days or weeks. Nursing home staff are urged to closely monitor their diabetic patient and to make them aware of the signs of the disease.

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